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Global Homestead Sustainable Transportation

Like many of you, I’m a bike commuter at heart.  Having said that, different needs require different tools.  Bikes are only part of the solution.  As such, I need my car and love trains, cars, motorcycles and bikes that have electric motors.  The electrification of our roads means less emissions as well as less entanglement with many countries that are not our friends.  As such, I have been active in advocating for sustainable transportation over many years.

Some of my activities include:

  • Co-coordinated the TTXGP Electric Motorcycle race and EV Live Ride and Drive at Portland International Raceway
  • Worked to create financing alternatives for electric vehicle charging stations (powered by solar)
  • Led SMILE (neighborhood association) to receive Portland’s first bike boulevard in over a decade
  • Led SMILE to lobby extensively for bicycle friendly designs for the new Sellwood Bridge
  • Represent SMILE on Multnomah County’s Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee for the Sellwood Bridge
  • Led Llewellyn Elementary School’s Safe Routes initiative
  • Advised multiple stakeholders upon numerous transportation issues